Brentwood Chiropractic Center, PC
Dr. William N. Herrick
393 Route 125
Brentwood NH, 03833
(603) 679-5400

                    Serving the Brentwood Area since 1998!!
Our Services
Chiropractic Techniques:
Drop Table
Toggle Recoil


Massage Techniques:

Trigger point
Deep Tissue
We understand that each individual clients needs differ therefor, most massage sessions incorporate some or all of the above techniques.

Lumbar Stabilization Program: 
This conservative low back rehabilitation program is designed to assist patients of any age, strengthen and stabilize their low back.  The program focuses on strengthening core muscles by using a yoga-ball.  We teach and demonstrate the basic exercises of this program and the patient is able to do most of the program on their own, in their own home.

Nutritional Testing: 
Brentwood Chiropractic now offers nutritional testing! We are able to test 15 various key components in order to determine a patients present nutritional state.  This is done through a urinalysis and can test such things as urine calcium levels and free radical activity.  If you are considering trying a nutritional supplement, we recommend taking this test.  Our patients then follow up with a second test to ensure the supplement is effective.

Posture Analysis: 
Ideally a patient will have a neutral alignment and the force of gravity is evenly distributed throughout the body, especially the spine and its supporting muscles.  As a persons posture becomes worse, so the physical effects of gravity. The spine is now asked to carry more loads for which it was not designed.  Untreated, this can lead to pain, immobility and degenerative changes.  A simple test using digital pictures and computer software, can quickly and accurately determine your posture.  Based on these results, we can make recommendations for the best course of treatment.
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